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Gourmet Gift Baskets

Gourmet Gift Baskets

What is the perfect thing to eat while you watch your favorite movie? Popcorn is good, but popcorn is very normal. Why not try a change? There are so many kinds of popcorn, and here at Popcorn Cravings we have the best. You could invite someone over to your house for a movie night and introduce them to all the different types of popcorn there are out there. Why not just send them a quick text or call and then start organizing some popcorn gourmet gift baskets for them? You could surprise your friend by handing them a few unexpected gifts when they get over to your house. That would set the evening off to a good start, and nobody can say no to some giant baskets of popcorn!

We have all types of popcorn here, so you and your friend will have a hard time choosing which type to eat first and which one you like the best. Don’t argue if you like the same kinds though, there is plenty to go around! You won’t have to worry about having any leftovers either, because it will taste so good that you won’t be able to leave any of it alone. You and your friend can just sit together and watch a movie to the sound of crunching popcorn.

It does take time to put the gift basket together, of course, which is why we at Popcorn Cravings have some already made for you. You can just give us a quick look, pick out your favorite selection and have it ready and waiting on the counter for when your friend gets to your house. It would be so full of popcorn, but not just one kind of popcorn, we sell all different flavors of popcorn for you to enjoy! The basket is a good size that makes it very easy to share with however many friends you wish.

One of the best things about our flavored popcorn that can be fun to do is treat it as something of a course dinner. First you start out with the most normal butter popcorn as the appetizer. Then you move on to the main course of the cheese popcorn which is sure to satisfy any hungry lover. The caramel popcorn is last because it serves as the perfect popcorn dessert!

The thought of a gourmet gift baskets is perfect and will make everything easier whenever you get together with a friend for a movie. You can just pick the basket up from the table and keep it between you on the couch without it even spilling a little. The night will seem much better if you are eating all flavors of popcorn with your friends while you are watching all of your favorite movies together!

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