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  1. 4 x 4 Size Mini Gift Box

    Mini Craving Gift Boxes (10)


    Mini Craving Gift Boxes – Each box is filled with one of our gourmet flavors. Sold in groups of 10, these individual size gifts will be great to offer at your next gathering. Party favors, teacher gifts, corporate events…the list is endless. Learn More
  2. Medium Craving Gift Box

    Medium Craving Gift Box


    6x6 Medium Craving Gift Box – Includes one medium size bag of our gourmet popcorn. Pick your flavor and send a great gift at a great value. At this price you can send one to yourself too! Learn More
  3. Large Craving Gift Box

    Large Craving Gift Box


    9x9 Large Craving Gift Box – Includes two large bags of our gourmet popcorn. Mix and match flavors or send double the pleasure of your favorite. This gift box provides enough popcorn to satisfy for days! Learn More
  4. Immense Craving Gift Box

    Immense Craving Gift Box


    14 X 14 Immense Craving Gift Box – Includes two immense bags of your Popcorn Craving's flavor choices. Send this gift box and be appreciated as immensely generous. So much popcorn… so much satisfaction! Learn More

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4 Item(s)