Popcorn Nail Art

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popcorn nail art

Are you obsessed with nail art as much as I am? I personally love experimenting and trying new designs.  If you ever find yourself bored with nothing to do, log onto Pinterest and you’ll find plenty of ways to decorate your nails. There are tutorials for just about any design and any occasion you can think of! Over the weekend while I was snacking on Popcorn Cravings’ cinnamon flavor and watching tv, I had the brilliant idea of painting popcorn on my nails! Why not, right?! I found an awesome tutorial by Kathy at Nailed It.



  1. Paint your nail white
  2. Paint red stripes evenly onto your nails
  3. Using your dotting tool (or even the end of a tooth-pick if you don’t have a dotting tool), dot several lighter yellow dots close to one another to form the popcorn shape.
  4. Using a smaller dotting tool (or the thinner side of a tooth-pick), dot several darker yellow dots inside the lighter yellow dots to form the kernel shells. Make sure the lighter yellow popcorn dots from step 3 are dry before you do this!
  5. Make sure your nails are all dry and then put a clear coat on top so that they’ll last longer. Now you’ve got yourself some popcorn nails!


Recommended colors:

White = French White Crème by Wet n’ Wild

Red = Be My Valentine by Sinful Colors

Light Yellow = Lemon Fizz by China Glaze

Darker Yellow = Pull Over by Sinful Colors


Let us know what your favorite nail designs are!

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